It runs through the whole industry chain of

packaging machinery, packaging products, printing

and labeling

Global beauty industry chain business services
linkage of global beauty resources, to empower
the beauty industry
Many plastic industrial product buyers, plastic
professionals and buyers from all over the world, to
bring greater benefits to exhibitors
United (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a professional exhibition company dedicated to promoting foreign trade in various regions and industries in China through exhibitions. The company's exhibition business covers domestic and international markets, involving plastic, packaging, beauty, food, printing, construction, business expansion, visas, air tickets, and other industries. Its partners are located in multiple countries and regions such as Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania.
United (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd. takes "building a bridge between the world and China" as its mission, providing customers with standardized, professional, and personalized multi-performance exhibition services of different types. After years of unremitting efforts, we have helped numerous Chinese enterprises go abroad and enter the international market through exhibitions. China World Federation Exhibition aims to recommend high-quality projects and provide high-quality services. Over the years, with the hard work of the team and excellent professional quality, it has won praise from many participating enterprises.


We will communicate with you 1 to 1 and assist you with all the work of participating in the exhibition!
China World Union Exhibition, your exhibition private customized expert!

1. Which country (s) do you plan to visit?
2. What is your planned departure and return time?
3. What about your colleagues?
4, your accommodation standards?
5, Do you have to go to the scenic spots or need our recommendation?
6, your special needs?


Visa/air ticket/hotel/catering/Tour guide/driver/travel/business...
Start with you choosing us! We will serve you all the way! We insist on: Service patient enthusiasm, thoughtful and careful arrangement; Every penny you pay, we create the highest value! And all you need to do is respond: Support and cooperation, Give us trust, We pay every heart, we hope you can gain more!

Your dream, the world Federation to help you realize
Our dream is to become your exhibition private customization experts!
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Professional and sincere is the supreme creed of every member of Zhongshi Exhibition to customers. We will treat every customer with professional standards and sincere attitude. With customers as teachers, we will continue to learn, improve self-ability, professional waiting; To customers as friends, sincere concern, worry about their concerns, support and needs, dedication.

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